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Welcome to Inns en Route
Inns en Route is the on-line publisher of guides to the top boutique hotels around the globe. We believe that our style of accommodations provide a vastly better experience than the standard 'big box' hotels commonly offered by the large on-line travel discounters and average high-street travel agency.

In addition to our published guides, we offer a free and comprehensive reservations service. Has your agency personally visited and photographed each hotel they represent?
What are Inns en Route Hotel's like?
The hotels we represent are places that we like staying at. They are extremely varied, from hip and exclusive 10-roomed Barcelona hotels to 3-roomed "Casas de Te" in Salta, Argentina. What isn't varied is that each place provides a rewarding stay. Of course we have minimum standards - a good night's sleep and a warm reception - but there is something special about the places we list, whether it be a fantastically restored 13th century bulding with original frescoes, an amazing location, gourmet cuisine, culture, or fantastic hosts. Our places aren't for everyone though: many of our rural hotels do not cater to business travel, and you may be asked to dine with the owners!

We've spooled up some of our favourites in the "favourites" section, along with some personal thoughts on travelling in different countries. Enjoy ;)
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How does it work?

The process is very simple! First, visit one of our country-specific sites (listed under "Hotels & Websites") from which you will be able to view the hotels we recommend by location.

Browse the description, photos, and client feedback - we're sure something will catch your eye! On each hotel's page you can then request availability and rates, either corresponding directly with the hotel, or through Inns en Route's reservation staff (your choice).

You'll receive a quote for your rooms via email, at which point you can decide to reserve, or to find other accommodations.

The whole process typically takes less than 24 hours.